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Wedges have saw-shaped teeth to be adjusted to the crosshead precisely and achieve top efficiency. The wedge base is round not to damage ceramics. Wedges can be reused.


Clips are made of high quality material, which allows crossheads to be highly resistant to traction so that heavy pieces can be adjusted fast and effectively. Clips have side cuts (patented), which allow us to remove them easily, just with a knock on the side in the joint direction, when the work is finished (mortar setting).

Level Screws
tile leveling system




Level Caps
Tile Leveling System
The MB leveling system features a free-spin design that allows the cap to spin down the spacer screw with minimal effort. This allows installers to tighten the cap with only one hand, which is especially useful for installing large format tile. When installation is finished simply kick off the caps to remove. The caps and baseplates are sold separately, the caps are reusable for multiple jobs.
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